Courtney's Design

Courtney Vin Taffy is a fanon character. She is determined, active, and is hoping to find her destiny soon.

Friends and Enemies


  • Annie Jaubreaker

Annie is probably Courtney's best friend right now.

  • Roxus Cinnamus

Courtney kinda likes Roxus for being so risky. That's are her type.


  • Twisted Whiplash

It was pretty obvious. Courtney HATES twizzer for being so evil.

  • Duncan Von Caik

Used to be in a relationship, but they seriously broke up.


Courtney Vin Taffy: Destiny Hunter

Courtney is sure to be a great leader someday. While being best briends with Annie, she wishes to take down Twisted Whiplash sometime. However, after that, she'll still have one goal: to find her destiny by any means nessecary.


  • If I win TDSR Season 2, I'll release myself with integrity, honor, and I'll get 2 new pop machines for the cafeteria. Oh ****. I just mixed up 2 speeches.
  • (to Annie) Well there might be some- Nevermind.

(to the other racers while Vanellope is being bullied) WHO THE HECK STARTED THIS BULLY-FEST?


  • She once beat up Taffyta for bullying Vanellope.
  • Courtney will be a contestant on TDSR season 2.

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