Cracked Jack

Cracked Jack's doll by Metzco Toys

Cracked Jack is a male racer in the Living Dead Raceaway (Game).He is unlocked in The House Of Doom level.He is best friends with Teddy and Damien.

Death CertificateEdit

A sailor in the fog, poor Jack was stranded at sea

His boat was torn to pieces and he floated with the debris

The wreckage was found the next day amongst the docks

But Jack's body washed up later smashed against the rocks


Cracked Jack:The sailor who is cracked!

Cracked Jack just plodding along on his little boat sailing his way to shore,as a big tidel wave came and knocked him over,his boat ripped,he tried screaming for help,but he was washed away still alive but shaken until,another massive tidel wave came and smashed his body against the rocks,making him die in pain.He then woke up in the Living Dead Raceaway feeling so fine,he jump in his racing kart with pride and joy,screaming Watch out girls and boys!'

Cracked Jack's racing kart

Full Moon

Cracked Jack's racing kart,also known as the Full Moon

The Full Moon is a grey,white and black racing kart which has a black pumpkin at the front and orange pumpkin moons on the front and back wheels.It has dangley skulls and stars,with Trick or treat at the back of it,it has blood splatters on it too.

Memorable Quotes

  • WHAT?! Quack?! What did you just say to me?!
  • Oh!
  • Erm...
  • Forgivezeezs?


  • He has a very similar story line to Gloyd from Sugar Rush.
  • People seem to ship him and Revenant.
  • He died from getting smashed against rocks on the sea shore.


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