Creamberly Shakespun 2

Creamberly Shakespun is a character in Sugar Rush Reloaded and the true identity of Sticky Wipplesnit following the game's reset. Her theme is milkshakes and her kart is the Cream Crusher. Her personal track is Milkshake Valley.


Creamberly Shakespun: "Smooth Sailing"

Creamberly is among the cream of the crop. She's good at what she does and she loves to show it. It's always about fun and winning isn't that important. 


Creamberly has short teal hair with bangs going down her forehead swooped to the left.She wears a brown headband with a small milkshake cup on the top right of her head. She has light brown eyes, light tan skin and wears a white dress with a red ribbon and a small milkshake icon. Her racing jacket is a cream color with white cuffs and a matching collar. She has red stockings with brown boots, cherry buttons and fuzzy white socks resembling whipped cream.

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Creamberly was turned into Sticky Wipplesnit when Turbo hacked the game.


Creamberly is definitely a spunky young girl who isn't afraid to give playful punches every now and then. She lets very few things bother her and is just out to have a good time wheter it be in or out of the track.


As soon as Sugar Rush got plugged in, Creamberly struck a good friendship with Swizzle. When Turbo had hacked the game, Creamberly was hanging out with Flancheska and Emmareld. She was changed into a recolor of Emma. Even though she had no memory of her former self, Creamberly was still best friends with Swizzle and often hung out with him when she wasn't with her fellow recolors. Following the reset, Creamberly was still the same person she had always been in the beginning.


Creamberly's kart is the Cream Crusher.

Special Ability

Her special ability is the Milk Shaker. When activated, the entire track shakes violently to disorient the other racers for a limited time.


Creamberly is in good standing with her fellow racers and often hung out with Fruitina, Flancheska and Froya during their time as recolors.

Swizzle "The Swizz" Malarkey: She and Swizz have been best friends ever since the game first got plugged in, leading to many to believe they were programmed to be best friends. When Turbo hacked the game and Creamberly was turned into a recolor of Emmareld, she and Swizz still hung out as though nothing had changed. They remain best friends after the reset.


Her theme is milkshakes.


  • Creamberly likes to make milkshakes for her fellow racers with flavors matching their theme. Her favorite flavors are mint chocolate chip and vanilla.

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