Creamer Icysparkle is a racer in Sugar Rush Schweetzway and a character that is similliar to Snowanna
Creamer icysparkle

Creamer Icysparkle

Rainbeau, the racer from Sugar Rush. Creamer's theme is "frozen treats" and ice, of course.


Creamer is a 10 year old girl with a dark peach skin, frozen blue hair, and purple eyes like Snowanna. She wears a blue jacket, blue skirt, and blue shoes.


Creamer Icysparkle: Happy Frozen Guy with Frozen Heart

"Creamer is a happy, energetic, and frozen guy that likes winter, like some racers such as Adorabeezle Winterpop and Nougetsia Brumblestain. She was a frozen guy so it means that she has a frozen heart, too."


Creamer is a gentle guy and she has many friends. She is friends with the racers and citizens of SRS (Sugar Rush Schweetzway), but she's not friends with Snowanna. Creamer doesn't know Sugar Rush before, the race game that actually her game was taken from there. She, Candace Peppermint-Candy, Isabella Rainbowglitter, and Chocolina Chocolatewrap are friends. But, actually, she is one of the "just found" racer after Juicy Gummymint. She is one of the racers that doesn't speak during the plot/episode.

Race Kart

Creamer's kart is the Frozen Cone. It's similliar to Snowanna's. Racers now are planned to own animation format karts, like Creamer's.
Creamer's kart

Creamer's Kart.


  • She is the only racer that doesn't know Sugar Rush.
  • She is created by VanellopeVonSchweetzFan.
  • She was planned to have a normal hair, but her hair wasn't changed with any reasons.
  • She is the only racer that doesn't speak during the plot.
  • She and Snowanna are not friends, and may be sisters.

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