By Monster High Vs Bratzillaz XD's cousin

Creamila Freeze is a groaning,moaning and whining bully,she always picks on the other Treat Zoomway,her X-best friend is Fantasmicia Orangey.She is part of the Magical Ice Cream Group.

About Creamila Freeze

Creamila Freeze may not be the nicest of racers,but she is very fast at racing,but she and her friends (which are bullies like Creamila of course) always seems to annoy people by bullying them.She is the most grumpiest Sugar Rush racer.She is quiet around Strawbetty Muttonfudge,because Creamila thinks Strawbetty is a little bit of a show off.She is also close friends with Raquel Glowrock.



  • Her art has a little bit of chocolate ice cream dripping down her forehead,showing that her hair can melt.

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