Creepie the treat tricker by kos fan1-d6mtl8e

Creepie TreatTricker was added in an update which added new characters resembling forgotten cartoon characters. The same update added tracks inspired by the city from which those characters came from in there respective cartoon shows, such as the Middlington Speedway and the Gloomsville Rally.


Creepie soon made friends quickly with the main racers such as Vanellope, Rancis and Jubileena. She also made friends with the characters that came from previous updates such as, S'mourice, Sour Grape and Cherri. But that's where her first changes of code started, originally programmed with two Halloween forms, Creepie quickly started glitching up between vampire and witch, in the end she ended up being able to switch between her normal form, her vampire form and her witch form. Soon after that, the code that was corrupted in the process ended up becoming a character of her own called Insane TreatTricker, Creepie kept that version of herself under control and now considers her as a sister. Of course Creepie do like being a bit of a bad girl and fell in love with candy cigarettes, when she discovered those, it was clear that she was meant to be smoking those.


Considering Creepie is Halloween themed, she has a crush on Gloyd but, that didn't stop her from dating other characters such as, Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal Small Brawl, S'mourice H. Toastygraham which her sister ended up marrying and as such Creepie is technically married to him. And that didn't stop her from experimenting with dating girls such as Taffyta and Minty.


"Let's go trick or treating !" When selected

"Its trick or treat time !" When getting a power up

"Aww dang it !" When losing a race

"Trick or Treat !" When winning a race

"Its time to darken this place a bit !" When getting her special power up.

Golden creepie the treat tricker by kos fan1-d6mtl8e copie copie

Golden TreatTricker

Golden TreatTricker is as her name says a golden clone of Creepie TreatTricker, not a lot i known about this clone other than Tobikomi put her in an update that added golden racers to the game as a congratulations for the successful launch of Mario Kart 8.

Robo creepie the treat tricker by kos fan1-d6mtl8e copie

Robo Creepie TreatTricker

Robo Creepie TreatTricker as her name says is a robotic clone of Creepie TreatTricker, not a lot is known about her other than the fact that she was made with SEGA'S permission to celebrate the launch of the arcade version of Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed. And that she was included in an update that added robotic racers to the game.


Creepie has made friends with a lot of racers, some of them includes Vanellope, Taffyta, Minty, Melissa, Zackarine, Sodina, Scarlett and Cyberria.


Foreign Names

Language Name Meaning
Brazilian Portuguese Creepie Doces-Ou-Travessuras From "doces ou travessuras" ("treat or trick")
Russian Цахаринна Страшкка From "сахар" (sugar) and "страшно" (scary/fearfully) or "страшилка" (horror story)
Chinese 恐怖瓦 糖瓜

Kǒngbù wǎ táng guā

From "恐怖" (terror/horror) and "糖果" (candy)
Japanese クリーピー トリートトリッカー

Kurīpī torītotorikkā

From English name
Finnish Outa Markeusiin From "outo" (weird/strange) and "markeus/makea/makeasti" (sweetness/sweet/sweetly)

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