Cuddles doll by Metzco Toys

Cuddles is a brand new female racer in the Living Dead Raceaway (Game). She is unlocked in the Carnival Of Horror level.

Death CertificateEdit

Murdered by a clown she knew, then painted in his image. To forever wander by his side, the sum of a mangled visage.


Cuddles:The circus horror girl!

Cuddles went to a circus to watch hilarious clowns dancing with elephants and monkeys like normal clowns do. Cuddles noticed a very scary looking clown was staring at her all the way through the show, Cuddles began getting so scared, she wanted to scream for help, but the clown came up to her and said "Come under my wing,my deary,I will bring you to a place of sweets,love and laughter". Cuddles sighed in relief, she knew the clown was a nice clown, so he took her hand, but then...whoosh! The clown who was not so nice to Cuddles thrown her at the back of his work van and said to Cuddles, "I did not want this job, and I did not want this to happen to me!".Cuddles was so confused, what was this freaky clown playing at?!. Then he took a massive bright pink cloth off of his mouth,and showed Cuddles the scary horror his face shown, his mouth was ripped from his left ear to his right ear and he said,"Time for you to be the same as me, my deary", and he got a knife and cut Cuddles' mouth from her left ear to her right ear. But what the clown did not know, that he had murdered Cuddles, the clown was scared, he did not want to murder her did he?! But he had no choice but to hide Cuddles' body in a chest in the basement which was old and dusty and the clown locked it, but before he put Cuddles in the chest, he took his red clown nose off and stuck it on Cuddles nose.She woke up in the Living Dead Raceaway and had a time of her deadtime!

Midnight Clown

A sneak peak of Cuddles' racing kart,also known as the Midnight Clown

Memorable Quotes

  • Ugh,cry me a river! (to Riller Murderbutter and Riley Murderbutter)
  • Hey President Betsy Zombie,you look blood! I mean...good! (to Betsy)


  • She seems to be enemies with Riller and Riley.
  • She has a younger brother who will be decided.
  • She died from getting her face ripped by a clown.

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