Cya is a Fanfiction character made by rainingcatsanddogs. She is from hero's duty.

Offical Bio

"Cy-bug attack! Don't worry! This sergant is not like the rest of them! She can shoot ten cy-bugs in two seconds! But when resting, the soft side takes over and she is as caring as ever."


  • She is half cy-bug.
  • When angry, she makes green fire.
  • She is sisters with Callhoun.
  • Cya is older than Callhoun.
  • Cya can control Cy-bugs with her right eye, but when she is not using her eye to hypnotize Cy-bugs, good guys, or bad guys (She rarely hypnotizes the good guys, except when she is hypnotized, which also rarely happens), she covers it with her hair just in case it goes out of control.

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