Cyber Guy 2

Cyber Guy's artwork in Wrecking Heroes.

"'Not only superheroes wear capes and costumes, but I am a true defender of justice who fights for freedom.'"

Cyber Guy when he face Judgment Cyber..

Cyber Guy is a cybernoid that was created by Dr. Element and one of the newcomers in Litwaks arcade. He is Vanellope Von Schweetz's cousin and cybernoid companion.

He appears mostly in Wreck-It Ralph spinoffs.



  • He's the main cybernoid who appears in every Wreck-it Ralph spinoffs and sequel films.
  • He will be voiced by Tara Strong.
  • Before he first introduced in America, he was originated in Japan.
  • The Fair-Tastic logo in one of the County Fair invitations is referenced to Sonic logo that appears in the original Sonic videogame.


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