Cyberria by kasevee123456789-d6i516t

Cyberria CyberTricker was shortly added after Creepie TreatTricker, her overall theme is based on whipped cream and blue licorice.


Cyberria is always waiting on new technology and new games. She always visits the new games as soon as possible to see how much new technology she can find, although being based on whipped cream and blue licorice she has cyber goth goggles on her head. But her goggles ended up bothering her after a while because taffy and hot chocolate kept sticking to it and seeing how she always places her goggles on her head, it ended up getting stuck on her hair. Instead of goggles she got her hands on an astronaut style bubble helmet and immediately fell in love with it, since then she can easily be recognized with her trusty bubble helmet that she wears till the arcade closes.


Cyberria doesn't really have a love interests at the moment but, this could change in the future seeing how she's got a bit of a crush on Rancis, what's better than chocolate and whipped cream ?



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