Damien's doll by Metzco Toys

Damien is a male racer in the Living Dead Raceaway (Game).He is opened in The Flesh-Eaters Tea Party level.He is best friends with Teddy and Cracked Jack.

Date of Death: 2/29/1972 (or 29/2/1972 in Britsh)

Death CertificateEdit

And then there was Damien

with a soul as empty as his eyes,

This wee little lad pronounced D.O.A.,

was already dead inside.


Damien: The boy who disagreed with the Devil,or did he?

Damien was a normal kid,who was quiet and always carried a sling shot with him incase the Devil came by and stole Damien's soul.One day when little Damien was in his bed room,the Devil came in and said 'You don't want to be a normal kid any more do you Damien? you want to be my slave don't you,Damien?.Damien was so scared for his life,and he said No...Go away!.The Devil got mad and took a knife out of his pocket and said Goodbye Damien! and began stabbing hard,Damien then woke up in the Living Dead Raceaway and was glad he disagreed with the Devil.

Damien's racing kart

Twisted Gut

Damien's racing kart,also known as the Twisted Gut

The Twisted Gut is a shape of a gut which is twisted,and has got blood pouring off it,and blood splatters going around the wheels and a blood drop coming from the back bumper,and bat decorations on it.

Memorable Quotes

  • We didn't mean too...(Cries hardly)
  • Zombie Glitchie! (Giggles)


  • He has the same story line as Swizzle from Sugar Rush.
  • He is a tribute to the character Damien from the horror movie The Omen.
  • He died from being stabbed by the Devil.

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