Detective Echo 2 2
"I am a proud detective."

Detective Echo (formerly known as MetroCop) is an elite detective cybernoid from Japan who went to game central for visit. He was formally known as MetroCop when he was a rookie cop. When he promoted as a detective, his name was changed into "Echo". He is more tolerated and responsive to Vanellope and her friends.


Detective Echo: The Reconaissance Expert Cop


Detective Shaft - Curretly his crime fighting partner.

Detective Katz - Possible his love interest.

Vanellope Von Schweetz - Being his master, but he is very reponsible to Vanellope's command.


  • He is the first cybernoid cop that is commanded by Vanellope Von Schweetz. However, he is very polite and responsible to Vanellope.
  • He nicknamed Vanellope as "Vanilla".
  • He's one of the member of Grip Force along with Shaft, Sleeks, Blitz, Ironhand, Flare, Katz, Fritz and Fiatz.
  • He does not appear in Wreck-It Ralph 2 until the investigation scene.
  • He describes himself as the "Proud Cop" due to his responsibility to his companion.


  • "Echo reporting for duty"
  • "Affirmative"
  • "Let's have a blast on"
  • "You're more tolerated than others"


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