Diet Cola Mountain

Diet Cola Mountain is where Vanellope lives in the movie Wreck-It Ralph. It is a track in the fan game Sugar Rush: New Generation.

Sugar Rush: New Generatiom

Diet Cola Mountain is a track in Sugar Rush: New Generation. It is the Cola Cup Final. The track is part of the unfinished bonus level, and part of Ralph's original track.

Wreck-It Ralph

Diet Cola Mountain also appears in Wreck-It Ralph. While Ralph is pushing Vanellope's kart, she says "Go between the wall with the two lollipops!" Ralph said she was joking, but Vanellope said to trust her. As soon as they make it, Ralph says Vanellope doesn't know how to drive a real kart. Meanwhile King Candy (aka Turbo) and his henchmen are still trying to catch Vanellope and Ralph. 

King Candy ordered his henchmen to continue the search. Back inside, Ralph heard a huge explosion. He walked slowly to the Diet Cola Hot Springs, where he heard the explosion. He read the signs, then Vanellope quoted it was "broiling hot." Vanellope gave an example of what the cola does when mentos fall into it. A burst of cola shooted out. Later, Vanellope was being taught how to drive her Candy Kart. On the jump, she glitched and made some mentos fall into the cola. Ralph tried getting away, then said "You need to keep that glitch out of control." Later, the Cy-Bugs were bugging all over Sugar Rush. Calhoun said that without a beacon, they would devour Sugar Rush. Ralph arrives at Diet Cola Mountain, trying to break all the mentos. Then Turbo appeared as a Cy-Bug. Turbo flew off and above the cola volcano. Turbo says it's game over for both Vanellope and Ralph, but Ralph claims it was just for him. He broke out, flying down into the mentos (and breaking them all), causing a huge explosion. Vanellope was glitching over to Diet Cola Mountain. She rescued Ralph right on time, saying she got her glitch under control.


  • This is a reference to the reaction between Diet Coke and Mentos as there are Mentos at the top.
  • The Cola in the mountain "is broiling hot" so when the Mento hits the cola, the splash is scalding.

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