"Diet is better, obviously"
―Being sassy
Dieta Cokette
Diet Coca Colaaaaa
Game Sugar Rush
Actor Idina Menzel
Location Diet Cola Mountain
Involvement Sugar Rush Racer
Last known status Alive
Pictures of Dieta Cokette

Dieta Cokette is a Sugar Rush racer created by Aly. The design of Dieta was created by Wreck-ItEve. As guessed, her theme is Diet Coke. Overall, Dieta is a really different person on the inside. She's just received negative attention a lot and is pretty much used to it.


  • Name: Dieta Cokette
  • Age: 9
  • Gender: Female
  • Sexual Orientation: Demisexual
  • Occupation: Sugar Rush Racer
  • Game: Sugar Rush
  • Likes: winning, racing, thinking she's better than a lot of people
  • Dislikes: losing, being bulled herself
  • Love Interests: None
  • Fate: Still alive

Racing Status

  • Speed: 93%
  • Handling: 84%
  • Sassiness: 95%
  • Sweetness: 70%


Dieta represents the colors of Diet Coke. For instance, her hair is red, along with her leggings and shoes. Her eyes are two different colors; one is red and the other is more of a lighter hue of red. She wears a grey dress underneath her burgundy colored jacket.


Dieta seems rough and tough on the outside. She doesn't really bully other people; she instead likes to brag that's she's better and that her theme is better. Sometimes, Dieta will help out others, but on rare occasions. But really, she is really kind and caring on the inside. Dieta just rarely shows it to others so she won't be viewed as a softie. Whether she's soft or rude at the moment, Dieta's really sassy.



  • Technically, if you think about, Dieta is based off of Eduardo from a British comedy cartoon Eddsworld, that can be found on YouTube.

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