Chocolate dunot

Donnuttella is a curious and a "protectress" racer. She is a racer, but she wants to be a doctor, by her way to protect the others. Her candy themes are donnuts, white chocolates and the a cream called Nutella. Her kart signature is the Cacao Crusher. She is Troufellino's cousin.


Donnuttella is also a modern racer, but her family live in the countryside. And she is also famous by her performance in the Musical Glitched.


  • Her plush is donnut scented
  • Her fans are, actually, her family


Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning

ドーヌーテラ チョコブランカ

Dōnūtera chokoburanka

From English name
Finnish Donäätsi Pähkinnen From "donitsi" (doughnut) and "pähkinä" (nut)
Russian Хрустигайке Куки From "хрустящий" (crunchy) united with "гайка" (nut) and "куки" is a transliteration of (cookie)

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