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Dorita de Chipo is a Fanon Sugar Rush Racer created by Sugarrushfan2.
Dorita de Chipo
Full Name

Dorita Nachia de Chipo



Doritos Brat



Date of Birth

September 9th

Resides in

Sugar Rush

Confectionery Raceway




Dolly de Chipo


Evan Lee. Pinejuice (formerly)


Swirla McMint , Yazoozia and Tropianna Smoothshake and Jack O' Flap

Portrayed By

Zoe Saldana

She is rude, spoiled and has the personality of a diva and she is Grace Charmlet's rival.

Her theme is Crisps and her Kart is the Crispy Crusade.


Dorita de Chipo: Rotten Candy

This stubborn , mean rich girl is one of the 'most popular' (or at least she thinks) girls in Sugar Rush. She isn't really a good racer, but she still likes to think it. She is good friends with Swirla McMintJack O' Flap and the Smoothshake sisters.


She has the personality of a diva, mean, spoiled and an attention seeker. She thinks very highly of herself and looks down on other arcade characters and  considers anyone that is not rich or has a high rank as 'a pauper' and because of this she is not very approachable. She has a fiery temper and can act very malicious when things don't go her way. She also is a bit of a drama queen and overreacts a lot. Though she thinks she is popular , most find her annoying.



  • She speaks a bit of Spanish .
  • Her rival/enemy is Grace Charmlet .
  • Her title is a diva, but a few racers consider her along with her friends, bullies.
  • Her hair was originally black but was changed to ginger to match her theme's colour.
  • Her redesign is in progress.

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