Dottie Roselll
―Dottie Rose when she thinks she has killed Betsy
Dottie Rose is a brand new female racer in the Living Dead Raceaway (Game).She filled as President,when President Betsy Zombie went on holiday for 1 week.She is going out with Beezlebub.


Death CertificateEdit

Dottie was highly allergic to the sun, But she loved sundresses and her pet poodle Hun. Late one morning Hun ran out into the day, Dottie followed fast, dying on her way.


Dottie Rose:The girl with a demonice poodle!

Dottie was allergic to the sun,but her poodle Hun,ran out of the gate,Dottie ran after Hun,but died,because of the sun,she woke up in the Living Dead Raceaway game,and was asked to fill in for President,of course Dottie said yes,as she knew the Living Dead Raceaway game was best.


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