Ermentraud Müller
Full Name

Ermentraud Müller


Cookie, Kraut



Date of Birth

January 5, 1997

Resides in

Central Sugar Rush


Racer Sugar Rush Police






Cookiella Von Chocolaten


Alesya Kuznetsova


8bit Vanellope Von Schweetz, other racers

Portrayed By


Ermentraud Müller is a character within the game of Sugar Rush made by RICHARD8bit. Her theme is the chocolate, cookies and Germany. Her signature kart is the Formula Choco (Scuderia Choco). She also is Cookiella Von Chocolaten's* big sister. She's 19 years old.

*Cookiella must change her surname :P

Personal Information

Name: Ermentraud Müller (New)

Nicknames: Cookie, Kraut.

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Occupation: racing, police.

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Likes: Germany, cookies, chocolate, winning, german military.

Dislikes: England, losing, people being rude.

Theme Song: Du Hast - Rammstein

Love interest: Alesya Kuznetsova


Ermentraud is a young, pretty, fair skinned girl with vivid blue eyes. She wears a red racing suit, matching red leggings with tricolor polkadots (black, red, yellow), grey boots. While racing, she wears a large red helmet, as well as a red visor.


Rude but lovely, doesn't wastes her time with stupid people. Only worries about racing and her girlfriend. Ermentraud is a girl with nice feelings, tries to be nice with every racer of Sugar Rush. Gets mad when some guy is mean with her, starts to get crazy, angry and saying bad words in german.

In few words, the sweet german cares about people who are nice with her.

About her

Created in 1997, started her life in the racing. Ermentraud failed her first months as racer and decided to search something to do. In 2003 she asked Vanellope to be her guard and little helper. During those helping moths, Ermentraud began to feel a fondness to Vanellope, always taking care and protecting her from any harm. Ermentraud moved to East Sugar Rush in 2005 to restart her racing career. In 2007, Ermentraud joined the Sugar Rush Police, working for the Federal Police Group (Corvette police cars). She came back in 2013 to Central Sugar Rush, meeting RICHARD8bit in 2014 and started her relationship with him. In 2015 Ermentraud ended her relationship with 8bit.

Right now, Ermentraud is the N°7 of the Sugar Rush World Ranking. Makes special missions for the Sugar Rush Police (driving a F-1 unit) to prevent any illegal action.


Ermentraud's kart is the Formula Choco F93 #18. People call it The Master's german twin (referring to the Master's kart, the 8bit's F93 #17). Starting 2014, Ermentraud heard that The Master won his first Super Championship. Ermentraud got interested and took model of the master's kart, changing the paint scheme (to german colors).

When she started her relationship with 8bit, Ermentraud managed to get the same performance of 8bit's kart, making the kart fast, with good acceleration and good handling.

Relationships and Friends

RICHARD8bit: Ermentraud's friend. They met in 2014 while she was practicing. Thinking that Ermentraud was using his kart, 8bit screamed at her. But the love at first sight did its appearance. They ended their relationship in 2015.

Vanellope Von Schweetz: Ermentraud's best friend. In 2003 (also working as security for Vanellope) she began to feel a fondness to Vanellope (that's another story or also one of Ermentraud's secrets)

Cookiella Von Chocolaten: Her sister. Ermentraud always takes care and protects her. Cookiella is sweet and close to her big sister. She is always making new friends and avoiding bullies.

Alesya Kuznetsova: Ermentraud's Girlfriend. Since they met, they were big rivals (Alesya as vandal and Ermentraud as Police), Ermentraud hated Alesya since she destroyed her police car. In 2012, they became friends, leaving every battle in the past.

Chocolina Chocoberry : Chocolina Chocoberry loves to make new friends but most racers hate her (Ermentraud is not one of them). Well.... if we're talking about chocolate, Ermentraud likes to make friends with chocolate themes.

Sodina PoplingSodina Popling is a funny, fast, glitch from Sugar Rush. She is a beautiful girl. Don't underestimate her power. She may be little, but she can pack a punch.


Race Stats

Speed - 95%

Handling - 80%

Sweetness - 100%

Special Power - Sweet Missile


  • Her kart is a Formula 1
  • Her Power-Up is the sweet missile. It's based on the sweet seekers.
  • Her kart is a recoloured Ferrari F93A.
  • Müller is RICHARD8bit's teammate.
  • She's Alesya's girlfriend.
  • Like some characters, she has a number (N°18)
  • Her Halloween costume is a german military suit used between 1939 and 1945.
  • She has an Arabic name too:كوكينا فون شوكولاتين (From the original name).
  • She has Ritter Sport as sponsor.

Theme Song

Rammstein - Du Hast03:55

Rammstein - Du Hast


I'm too lazy to say that Cookiena was her old name (so now you get the idea).


Bratzy Winter Awards 2014-2015 Nominated (2nd Place for GIANT award (The King/Queen of Winter))

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