Even Lee. Pinejuice
"I will be King of Sugar Rush one day!"
―- Evan saying he will one day beat Melody to the throne
Evan Lee. Pinejuice is rich and spoilt and is bossy,he is Violet Palmaella,Vico Palmaella,Minty Sakura and Blueberriot Dottie's cousin.

About Evan

Evan tries his best to convice Gloyd Orangeboar he is Evan's recolour,when Evan is Gloyd's recolour, he is jelous of Gloyd and is also jelous of President Vanellope Von Schweetz for being the President. Evan tells everybody he will be king of Sugar Rush.

His love for Grace Charmlet

Evan is madly in love with Grace Charmlet,but Grace does not feel the same way.Evan believes Grace's siblings are getting in his way of being with Grace.So,he plans to get rid of them.


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