Fix-It Felix. Jr. the Game

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Fix-It Felix, Jr. is a platformer game in the Wreck-It Ralph universe. It takes place in Niceland, where Ralph, Felix, and several Nicelanders live. It was created by TobiKomi.

Several versions of the game were released: two online versions, an Apple iPod/iPad/iPhone app, and a promotional arcade cabinet.


At the beginning of a game, Ralph will climb up a skyscraper, breaking windows as he goes. It is the player's job, as Felix, to repair each window with his magical hammer, while avoiding bricks that fall off when Ralph punches, and Duck Hunt-inspired ducks that fly horizontally across the screen at random.

There are two online versions of the game: an untimed version as found on the Games section, and an alternate version with a time limit as found on the movie website. Gameplay is generally the same in both versions, with the only notable differences being time, gameplay music, level structure, the lack of some sound effects in the time-limited version, and the screen quality (in the use of a scanlines-filter).

As the player progresses, the enemies become more numerous and faster, and there are more windows to repair. What's more, Ralph will break windows that the player has already repaired, forcing them to go back and fix them.

The movie website version was once marked as a "beta code" version.