Fix-It Felix is a spinoff movie to the Wreck-It Ralph franchise. As in the name, Felix is the movie's central protagonist with the rest of the Core 4 tritagonists.


The movie starts with the screen being black until an 8-bit golden hammer dings on and Felix comes running over to grab it and says his catchphrase. Felix then begins narrating. While this is happening, the screen shows the gameplay of of his game with Ralph wrecking the building "You've probably heard of me. The name's Felix, and I am a good guy. I'm about three feet tall (Yeah, I know, that's pretty shrimpy), only weigh 37 lb, quite the jumper at least. My job, which is obvious from my namesake, is to fix whatever what my good friend, but in-game enemy, Wreck-It Ralph wrecks.


  • Fix-It Felix Jr. (Junior) - Main protagonist of the movie. He is the hero of his titular game and original Felix of Game Central Station.
  • Fix-It Felix (Rider) - One of the deuteragonists. He is Arcade All-Stars Racers' version of Junior as well as one of its four presidents.
  • Sergeant Felix (Sarge) - The deuteragonist along with Felix Rider. He's the alternate version of Junior from Arcade All-Stars: Darktimes.


  • The featurette trailer made it clear that the movie was not to be Wreck-It Ralph 3.

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