Fix-It Fiona Calhoun
Fix-It Fiona Calhoun
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First Unknown
Second Unknown
Third Unknown
Other attributes
Fix-It Fiona Calhoun is a mysterious girl who appears in Hero's Duty and lead character in Part II of The Glitch Children Trilogy. She doesn't appear in the rewrite, but another form of her named Bluicity Calfitart takes her place.


Being a program made of two different codes, Fiona doesn't have a programmed past.



Role in the Glitch Children Trilogy

Part I: Of Spice and Sweetz

Part II: Bugs in the Matrix

Part III: A New Kind of Schweet

The Glitch Children REBoot

While Fiona doesn't really appear in the rewrite, there is another form of her named Bluicity Calfitart.



  • Her name was originally going to be Felicity, but the name was given to Bluicity.

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