Flamian Cinderburn

Flamian Cinderburn is a character in Sugar Rush Reloaded from the story's version of Sugar Rush 2. His theme is hot cinnamon candy and his kart is the Crimson Inferno. His personal track is the Everburn Mountain.


Flamian Cinderburn: "Too Hot to Handle!"

Living up to his namesake, Flamian is quite the fellow. He takes his racing seriously and doesn't like to fool around. Not that he'll admit it, but in the end he's still a kid and he will engage in silly shenanigans every now and then.


Flamian is a young boy with tan skin and bright green eyes. His hair is dark red and is among the youngest of the group. He wears a pale orange shirt with a red racing jacket with flame patterns, a golden yellow collar and flame patterns as the cuffs. His pants are red and his boots are bright red with flame shaped socks.


Though he's among the youngest, Flamian comes off as very serious and mature. He will not sugar coat his opinions and he doesn't care if his words hurt your feelings. He calls it as he sees it and he's rather arrogant at times. Overall he's not a bad kid and he's not above receiving some well-intended criticism. Flamian will listen whenever necessary, but one has to be able to earn his respect first. However there are times he will still engage in silly antics because he's still a kid...just don't tell that to his face.



His kart is the Crimson Inferno.

Special Ability




  • His name is a combination of Flame and Damian.
  • His fans are anthropomorphic Hot Tamale candies.

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