Flossbetty Cottonscoops
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Some attributes
First Girl
Second Racer
Third Sweet
Other attributes

Flossbetty is an unlockable recolor in Sugar Rush. She's the palette swap of Snowanna Rainbeau and represents cotton candy.


Flossbetty is very kind and can be pretty shy at times. She gets very nervous when she's in a group with a lot of people, especially if she's the center of attention. She spends most of her time in the cotton candy forest traveling and playing on her guitar.


  • She has a Scottisch accent
  • Her favorite song is Touch the sky.
  • The closest one to her is Nougetsia. The two girls have a lot in common and usually spend time together.
  • Her kart is a little bit bigger than Snowanna's.
  • She was originally going to be an original character, however due to time constrains she was turned into a Snowanna palette swap.
  • Due to her being the fourth racer to represent cotton candy, she is usually picked on by Flosstia and Floss


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