Fluffy Cotton
Fluffy Cottine is a brand new female racer in Sugar Rush and is the younger sister of Floss Cottine and the older sister of Freddie Cottine. She is best friends with Melissa Gummy-Goober, but Fluffy fears this will stop after she passes her bullying test and becomes a bully. Her theme is Candy Floss.Her voice actress is Daveigh Chase.


Fluffy: Hard as cola rock!

Fluffy Cottine may have not passed her bullying test yet, but she is determend to pass it and become a bully like her older sister and her younger brother, sometimes when Fluffy fails a bullying task in one of her bullying tests, her sister and her brother have a good time bullying her and teasing her and making fun of her for failing on the task. Even though how desperate Fluffy wants to be a bully, she does not want to lose her friend Melissa Gummy-Goober, what will she choose?

Fluffy and her Brother and Sister

She is proud of her brother and sister for being amazing bullies,she would give anything to be just like them. She tried pushing Shortabreena Biscuiteata (Digestiva Biscuiteata 's younger sister) into a chocolate puddle (bad idea). Digestiva was not very happy with Fluffy, and called President Vanellope Von Schweetz to throw Fluffy into the fungeon for 1 night, as Wynchel and Duncan took Fluffy away, Floss and Freddie stood there laughing calling Fluffy a fail. Even though Floss and Freddie can be very rude to Fluffy, they care for there middle sister like mad, if Lexi Granilla and Samuel Muttonfudge bully her, Floss always comes to the rescue.


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