Formula Choco
Formula Choco F93C
Some attributes
First Race
Second Car
Third Driven
Other attributes
Fourth By
Fifth Cookiena
Sixth & RICHARD8bit
Formula Choco is the kart used by Scuderia Choco . This kart has two paint schemes, one with the chilean colours (RICHARD8bit ) and the other with the german colours (Cookiena Von Chocolaten. ).


  • RICHARD8bit: Chilean colours. N°17.
  • Cookiena Von Chocolaten: German colours. N°18.


  • This kart is a recolor of the Ferrari F93A.
  • The first design of the Formula Choco is a recolored Ferrari F126C2
  • In the first design of the kart, there is a word in the side of the car which says trencito. trencito is a famous chocolate in Chile.


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