Freddie Cottine

Freddie Cottine is the younger brother of Floss Cottine and Fluffy Cottine. He is a bully, he learnt to be a bully from his older sister Floss. Even though he is younger than his older sister Fluffy, he tends to boss her around and tell her what to do, and he tends to help Fluffy with her bullying tasks, but he also bullies Fluffy when she fails a bullying task. His best friend is Samuel Muttonfudge.

Him and his older sisters

He tends to stick with his older sister Floss,as he is a bully like her, but he does not really stick with his other older sister Fluffy, because she struggles with bullying people. He always boasts that he passed his bullying test before Fluffy and she was meant to pass her bullying test ages ago. Floss helped Freddie be a bully when he was only 5 years old, he suceeded his bullying test right away and became a strong bully. Floss seems to make Fluffy feel left out purpously, by awarding Freddie will golden chocolate medals for being a great bully, this sometimes makes Fluffy cry and when Floss and Freddie see Fluffy doing so,they call her a candy cry baby and a fail of a Sugar Rush bully.


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