Freeda O'Caramelz is a bully and very cruel.She is part of the Chocolate Bars Group.

About Freeda

Freeda was not a bully,she was a nice and friendly girl along with her best friend Creamila Freeze.She first appeared in Sugar Rush with Creamila and Fantasmicia Orangey and caught some eyes of a few Sugar Rush boys.Freeda had a little sister called Alice O'Caramelz.She is the prankster of the three bullies.


July 17, 2000 - September 19th 2013

On September 19, 2013,Fantasmicia was going to kill the Charmlets and the Mellbutters,when Freeda and Creamila threw rocks at Fantasmicia and told her to leave them alone,leaving the Charmlets and Mellbutters shocked seeing the two bullies sticking up for them.Fantasmicia got super mad and when Freeda and Creamila apologized to the Charmlets and the Mellbutters for being so mean to them,Fantasmicia shoved a giant rock at Freeda's head,killing her.


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