Freezable Van Freeztchy is a Sugar Rush racer that represents any candy that's cold like Ice-Cream, Snow Cones or Ice-Lollys. She is currently alive and is 11 years of age. 

Character Info

Nickname: Freeze or Glitch.

Age: 11

Game: Sugar Rush

Sex: Female

Occupation: Racer

Birthday: N/A

Likes: Racing, Winning, Cheating and Candy.

Dislikes: Taffyta, Minty, King Candy, Losing, Glitching and Vanellope. 

Love Interests: None

Orientation: Straight

 Weaknesses: Glitching.

Allies: None. 

Good/Bad: Bad


Freezable was the 1st Popular Racer in all of Sugar Rush. When the arcade game was released, she was the 1st racer that was created. Back then, she never glitched. A 2nd Racer came along which was Taffyta Muttonfudge. It made Freezable angry that she came along. She started glitching and became the Worst Racer in all of Sugar Rush. In on the events of the game, a kid was playing Freezable. It went out of control. Freezable just climbs out her kart and ruins Taffyta's kart. She runs up to the game screen and looks like she's going to jump out the screen. So she does. The children start screaming then run out the arcade. Sugar Rush nearly lost their place as the best candy-themed game. When she got back in the game, Taffyta starts bullying her because of what Freezable has done. She becomes bigger than Taffyta for 10 seconds then stomps all over her candy-kart. Nobody has EVER liked her. 


Speed: 51%

Popularity: 1%

Sweetness: 0%


Freezable has been the Worst Racer for years. She is short-tempered, evil, a loner and everything bad about somebody. Freezable hates being left out all the time. Sometimes, she gets upset because Taffyta had stolen her place and she keeps on glitching which makes things worse. She is a tomboy that is also a rebel. 


"GO AWAY!" - Freezable..just being Freezable. 

"I'VE GOT MY OWN PROBLEMS TO DEAL WITH!" - Freezable upset and angry with Vanellope. 

"WHY DOES EVERYBODY HATE ME?!" - Freezable sad in her bedroom.

"YOU SHALL ADDRESS ME AS THE DARK GLITCHY ONE!" - Freezable playing with her candy-made dolls. 

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