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Froya Nougatina is a character from Sugar Rush Reloaded and the true identity of Nougestia Brumblestain after the game was reset. Her theme is frozen yogurt and nougat and her kart is the Frozen Yo-Kart. Froya's personal track is the Frozen Paradise.


Froya Nougatina: "Super Sweet Speedster!"

Froya loves the cold and everything about it. When she's not trekking on the frosty track on her kart, she rides down the slopes on the mountainsides. 


Froya is a young girl with light skin, reddish brown hair and violet-gray eyes. Her hair is short with bangs going down her forehead. She wears puffy white earmuffs and a dark pink racing jacket with white cuffs and white fur trims. She has an orange shirt and wears pale violet pants with a transparent blue skirt over them. She wears pink winter boots with white fur trim. Her racing helmet is white with a pink visor.

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Froya becomes Nougestia Brumblestain when Turbo hacked the game


Froya is a sweet and energetic girl. She greets everyone with a friendly smile and when she's not racing, she loves to snowboard out on the frosty slopes of Sugar Rush. She is best friends with Fruitina, Creamberly and Flancheska as they stuck together during their time as recolors. During that time, Froya always tried to remain positive but deep down she felt isolated. She was against the bullying of Vanellope and never participated, but was also afraid of speaking up out of fear of being rejected.


Froya was hanging out with Adorabeezle when Turbo hacked the game. Due to being next to Beezle, Froya herself became a recolored version of her. Having no memory of her former self, Froya hung out with her fellow recolors as she felt more accepted. Whenever Vanellope was bullied for being a glitch, Froya was always against it and didn't participate, however she never said anything as she feared that the other racers would reject her. Following the reset, Froya gradually went back to her old and much happier self. 


Froya's kart is the Frozen Yo-Kart.

Special Ability

Her special ability is the Froyo Turret. It's a turret that forms on the rear of her kart that fires a barrage of frozen yogurt cones at other racers.


Froya is best friends with Fruitina, Creamberly and Flancheska as they had always hung out together during their time as recolors. She gets along well with her fellow racers.



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