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Fudgella Caramel created by HatB123

Fudgella Caramel== Fudgella Caramel is a sugar rush character created by HatB123. Her candy theme is fudge and caramel. Her signature kart is called the fudge rocket. Her best friends are everyone in sugar rush3 (The royal fudge away).

Official Bio

The happy caramel head. Fudgella is a very friendly, and loves making friends. She is friends with everyone in sugar rush 2. The characters in sugar 2 all really like her. Without Fudgella sugar rush 2 would be dull and boring. All though she does bully Piper Mint.


She has brown hair that is short and she wears a hat that is red and orange, with a yellow mint heart in the middle of the hat. She has green eyes and Fudgella wears a brown blazer with white accents. She wears a red shirt and an orange skirt. Fudgella wears brown and white striped tights, and black shoes with red frosting on the front.


The Fudge Rocket It has a caramel sprayer at the back

T H E     F U D G E    R O C K E T

Drawn by HatB123 on Gimp 2.6

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