Fusica Mei Mei

Official Bio

Fusica Mei Mei: Strawbettyz fun

You may ask, why is she covered tip to toe in pink? Well, because she is strawbettyz fun! She has three of the most pinky girls, Minty Saruka, Nougista Brumblestain, and Sticky! So thatz why...... Oh NO!!!!! G-l-l-i-ching!


Fusica is a girl with fair skin, brown shoes, blue eyes, and pink all over. (Thats all I need to say cause she really is pink all over!)


  • Pinkivi-Wrapper

    Her signature kart, the Pinkvolci-Wrap.

    She may be a color swap, but she just live on life.
  • She has developed a crush on Swizzle.
  • She is a girl who glitches once every week.
  • Taffyta hates her, even if she's a pinkaholic.
  • Her signature kart is the Pinkvolci-Wrap.

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