Galleta Seaclaid
By Hali
Some attributes
First Girl
Second Racer
Third Good Guy
Other attributes

Galleta Seaclaid is the newest recolor in Sugar Rush. When she first came to Sugar Rush, Taffyta even though she didn't like the recolors,cared for her and protected her from others. Taffyta even helped her get better in races by being her personal trainer. To thank her,Galleta always makes delicious snacks and cleans the house in which Taffyta and her currently live.


Galleta is a very shy girl that doesn't really like to talk and spend time in company, because of this she spends most of her time in the cotton candy forest where only she and Taffyta live.

Driving skills

While she is not very fast and not really good in handling,she is sweet to the max which helps her boost very fast.


"Galleta Seaclaid: Soft as cotton candy"

This girl so shy you can barely get her to talk,the only one who is able to get her to say something is her "big sister" Taffyta Muttonfudge. Out of all the recolors,she has the most biggest realationship with the one who's model she uses. Because of this Galleta knows more about Taffyta then anyone could imagine,it seems that her realationship with Taffyta is the reason she is good at racing.


  • Galleta will appear in a project called Sugar Rush: New Generation.
  • Galleta will also appear in chapter 9 of The Game Bad Side.
  • Originally, her name was supposed to be Palleta to refrence palette swaps in gaming. However her name was changed due to unknown reasons.
  • She,along withBerleena Frostycup , Nougetsia Brumblestain,Citrusella Flugpucker,Torvald Batterbutter and Sticky Wipplesnit is the part of the recolor club.
  • Her name translates to Cookie Chocolate as Galleta means cookie in Spain and Seaclaid chocolate in Ireland
  • Her candy theme are purple grape lollipops
  • She is the first Taffyta recolor,the second being Blackytta Blackcurranttaste
  • She is a contestant on Total Drama Sugar Rush.