Geeky Fudgepop is Nerdy Fudgepop's little sister, she is a smartiepants. She is a nerd/geek just like her big brother.

About Geeky and Nerdy

Geeky tends to get bullied a lot by Lexi, because of her Nerdy/Geeky moves, but Geeky does not take it personaly, she does not take any offence, she just says, "Shut up Lexi!", and Lexi scowls at her and walks away. Nerdy hates the fact of this, and sometimes goes around to Apozzer's house and complains about Lexi's rudeness towards Geeky. Apozzer just laughs meanly and slams the door shut. Geeky is friends with Melody Von Schweetz. When Geeky needs a helping hand, Melody is always there to help her out, but Geeky is kind of a lonely racer and is only friends with her big brother, because everybody thinks she is too geeky to be a great friend, but they are all very wrong.



  • Her design was by Wreck-ItEve105.

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