Gelatina La Woppleton is a fanon Sugar Rush character created
Gelatina La Woppleton
Full Name

Gelatina La Woppleton






Date of Birth

February 9th

Resides in

Sugar Rush

Confectionery Raceway






Giles Le Woppleton and Gwen La Woppleton


Jack Ó Brigadeiro


Coco Wispa, Ginger Nutty , Fiz Sodabubble , Nicola Sodabubble , Solera Calippona , Digestiva Biscuiteata and Grace Charmlet

Portrayed By


by Sugarrushfan2
She is a multi young French Racer, who does not just specialize in racing, but is also an artist and gymast.

Her theme is Jelly. Her Kart is called The Gelatine Extreme.

She is a protagonist in Sugarrushfan2's fanfiction The Search For The Sugar Orbs.


Gelatina La Woppleton; Jiggly Fun

Gelatina pretty much always has postitive and lively attitude towards others and hardly dislikes anyone (she had Candlehead had a rivalry in the past but they became friends later).She is also pretty smart, she can work out how to a get kart to go faster in a matter of seconds. 

She also has a huge passion for racing , she's always ready for challenge and doesn't care if she loses as she just enjoys taking part.


Gelatina is very intelligent and social, always giving advice to Ginger and Coco, she is also talented, making her sucessful in things she does. Her knowledge can get slightly irritating and can be slightly impatient but overall she's a fun and good person to be with .

She isn't the best racer , but she's good and doesn't really care about what she place she gets.

Realtionship with other racers

Coco Wispa

Coco and Gelatina have a strong relationship, they have been friends for a long time, she is always giving her advice to improve her game, especially againist Taffyta Muttonfudge.

Ginger Nutty

They have a good relationship, they both like art and painting and like racing at their tracks.

But sometimes he gets bored about her facts. Overall, they are good friends.


They have a strong rivalry, being so close to the leader of the group (Candlehead, Taffyta, Gelatina, Coco). She only works with her if she has to.

She later befriends her and become friends.



  • Her Candy comes from USA, yet she is French.
  • Her name translated from French is Gelatina the Woppleton.
  • She has her own track called Woppleton Stadium.
  • When she is scared , she usually shouts in French , but occasionally English.
  • She is mainly seen around Coco , Ginger , Fiz and Nicola.
  • She likes doing trampoline on big bits of Jelly.
  • She and Coco are the same , 12 while Ginger is 13 and the Sodabubble Sisters are 11 and 10.
  • Natively she speaks French and English however she's learning Spanish and knows some words in Latin and Italian.