Genie is a recolour of Revenant.She is from the Living Dead Raceaway (Game).

Death Certificate

Died from a bus crash, Genie's still got the power,

She kills her victims,

Every single hour


Genie: The girl with a hole in her heart!

Trying to be like the others too much, swimming into the wrong areas of arguments, Genie died on a school bus.She woke up as a recolour in the Living Dead Raceaway, she was filled with glee

Genie's racing kart

Dead Water

Genie's racing kart,also known as the Dead Water

The Dead Water is a recolour of Revenant's Cracked Skin,it is filled with the blue water of the ocean that people had drowned in.

Memorable Quotes

  • It's all right!


  • She is very similar to Citrusella Flugpucker in Sugar Rush.
  • She died from a bus crash.

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