Ginger Nutty is a fanon Sugar Rush character created by
Ginger Nutty
Ginger redesign
Full Name

Ginger Nutty







Date of Birth

January 8th

Resides in

Sugar Rush

Confectionery Raceway




Gennie and Craig Nutty


Coco Wispa


Gelatina La Woppleton , Coco Wispa , Fiz Sodabubble , Nicola Sodabubble, Butterscott Mellbutter , Carrie Mellbutter and Toffeella Mellbutter

Portrayed By

Peyton Meyer

He is one of Coco and Gelatina' s other friend. 

His candy theme is Gingerbread , Ginger Nuts and Ginger Snaps. His Kart is Gingerbread Kart (A reference to gingerbread man).


Ginger Nutty; Gingerbread manic.

Ginger has a pretty suave , laidback and down-to-earth personality and just loves sweets , partially Gingerbread. However he does also have a tendency to be very lazy. He can also appears as soft and supportive. He does enjoy racing but he does racing so often that winning the roster doesn't feel as epic as before.


He is cool and laid back , but get slightly nervous around Coco because of his crush on her, but he seems to have chilled out personality. Despite being calm and collective ,he is easily anger when he is around Rancis Fluggerbutter, but overall he is a relaxed chilled boy who's always ready to help his friends .

Relationship to other Racers

Coco Wispa

Ginger is one of Coco's best friends , Most of the time he like to hangout with her, he sometimes gets nervous around her because he developed a crush on her. They are a good team, both graving for an adventure and excitement.

Gelatina La Woppleton

Gelatina and Ginger also happen to be best friends . Despite not seeing eye to eye on everything , they have a fairly good relationship, despite often getting bored at Gelatina's knowledge, She often helps him in tough situations, just like Coco . 

Rancis Fluggerbutter

At first, they rivaled each other, Ginger hated his seriousness and his hair and like the others, works with him if he has to.

Later, they forget the rivalry with each other and become friends.


  • He is the oldest of the five, he is 13, Gelatina and Coco are both 12 , Fiz is 11 and Nicola is 10.
  • He owns a track called Gingerbread Speedway.
  • Ginger is also a inventor.
  • He is mainly seen around , Coco , Gelatina , Fiz and Nicola.


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