Ginger Pumpkinspice

Ginger Pumpkinspice is a character in Sugar Rush Reloaded and is a racer in the story's version of Sugar Rush 2. Her theme is pumpkins and pumpkin based sweets. Her kart is the Flying Slicer and her personal track is the Pumpkin Palace.


Ginger Pumpkinspice: "Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice!"

Ginger is all about fun and tons of speed. Nothing beats the funk like a good racing day and hanging out with friends.


Ginger is a tall girl with bright orange and green hair. She has two pumpkin shaped buns and the rest of her hair frames her face. She has light tan skin and green eyes. She wears a green shirt with a pumpkin symbol and over it wears an orange racing jacket with a green collar and pink cuffs. She wears a pink belt, dark green pants and light reddish brown boots. Her racing helmet is orange with a pumpkin symbol and green visors.


Ginger is definitely the big sister type. She's friendly and protective of those she cares for. Ginger isn't afraid to tell it like it is and cannot stand any kind of bullying. She shares much of her personality with Fudgalina. 



Her kart is the Flying Slicer.

Special Ability


Lindal Chocolen : Ginger finds joy in Val's company and loves hir sarcasm. 

Redd Velvetine : She definitely has a big crush on Redd and often hangs out with him outside the track. 

Geminia Dazzler : Ginger hates her with a passion due to the latter being such a horrible bully. They even got into a fight once that ended up with Geminia's kart damaged and it could've gotten worse if the others had not broken it up. 

Rollmin Swirlsting : Ginger hates him just as much as she hates Geminia. At one point, Ginger punched him unconscious after he made one insult too many.


Her theme is pumpkins and pumpkin based sweets.


  • Ginger shares a lot of similarities with Fudgalina Crumblequake. It turns out that Ginger is an older and recoded version of Fudgie. This is further supported by one of Ginger's alternate costumes being her Fudgalina outfit.

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