Glacier-Glacia Updt
"Let it snow and let is show."

Glacier-Glacia (real name: Glycene "Glacia" Glacier) is One of Glacier Cyber's family and Adorabeezle's cybernoid companion. She is Glacier Cyber's and Winter Cyber's older sister and she loves ice skating, but her main sport is Skiing.



  • She is the female cybernoid who represents Winter season.
  • She has a same logo as her brothers, but in pink.
  • She was Adorabeezle Winterpop's ice skating mentor.
  • She and her younger brother outfits are both referenced to the 1985 NES video game Ice Climber.
  • Her appearance in the seasonal card is similar to Glacier Cyber's Christmas card, but with a snowflakes and a female snowman.
  • Her pink winter clothes is her alternate color appearance, but her final color appearance will be blue.
  • There's two versions of Glacia, the pink one is Nougetsia Brumblestain's and the original blue one is Adorabeezle's. However, the recolored of her is actually her cousin.
  • Before Princess Icy introduced, she was an ice skater. After her retirement from ice skating, she train herself to be a successful skier.
  • Besides skiing, she has another favorite winter sport which is Biathlon. However, her gun that she used in Biathlon was replaced by a marshmallow shooter.
  • Her name is a reversed of her nickname and last name.
  • Her alternate outfit can be seen in one of the background characters in a special county fair invitation along with Princess Icy.



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