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"I am not a glitch. IamoneIjustdontwannabeone. I am a racer, I am a real character, I am Vanellope von Schweetz's first design! I used to be the main character, but that was all taken away from my programmers!"
Glitchy van Fauxacrid
Glitchy 2017
Full Name

Glitchy van Fauxacrid





Date of Birth

1997 (when game was plugged in)
8/12/2004 (programmed birthday)

Resides in



Glitch of Sugar Rush
Queen of Glitches, Recolors, and Scrapped Characters






Scrappy van Fauxacrid (sister)




Vanellope von Schweetz (a little)
Melissa Gummy-Goober
Alexandra Mixtec von Schweetz
Alesya Nutelline
Chocolina Chocoberry

Portrayed By

Lauren Landa

Glitchy van Fauxacrid was supposed to be the main character of the game Sugar Rush, but she was then replaced by Vanellope. Somehow she was in the game, but it rendered her unfinished and then was considered a glitch. In fact, she does glitch, a lot actually and cannot control it. Her theme is unknown, but it's probably hard candy like jawbreakers since her theme was considered "evil." She has a kart, and so far it does not have a name...

Official Bio

Glitchy van Fauxacrid: The Queen of Glitches

"She was supposed to be the main character, but Vanellope succeeds to be the main character. But unlike Vanellope, Glitchy is an actual glitch. Years of being undiscovered made Glitchy feel like an outcast. But she strives to become a real racer. While trying to become a 'real racer', she happens to be the official ruler or queen of recolors, glitches, and scrapped characters."

Race Stats

  • Speed: 94%
  • Popularity: 2%
  • Sarcasticness: 100%
  • Heart: 100%


Glitchy's theme hasn't been really explained. That's one of the reasons why she wasn't a main character because she didn't really have a theme. However, before removing her, the creators decided to give her the theme of "evil candy", like candy skulls, jawbreakers, and Sour Patch kids.

Appears in

The Life of a Glitch

This is Glitchy's first main apperanace. The Life of a Glitch is basically about Glitchy's life. From beginning to the end, but "the end" isn't bad. It also explains how/why she fell in love with Raspistine, and other mysteries too.

Confectionery Queenz

Glitchy is set to appear in Confectionery Queenz, along with her sister Scrappy, and Raspistine, along with her sister Raspbecca. They are all set in the fifth episode though. According to a conversation between Jake and Holly, the fifth episode is when Raspistine goes missing and Glitchy asks the Confectionery Queenz to find Raspistine.


Glitchys kart
Glitchy's kart currently has no known name. However, some people either call it "Glitch Kart" or "Glitchy's Kart." It has evilness written all over it, but has some sweetness on it, but only on two of the wheels and one on one of the headlights. It literally has "Glitchy" written on it.

Glitchy was able to get the base of the kart from the Junkyard, but she actually snuck into the Kart Bakery to finish everything else. Even though the truth is the creators designed the kart, Glitchy was programmed to think that she built the kart by herself.


Glitchy van Fauxacrid was one of Vanellope von Schweetz's concepts. She was supposed to be the lead character, but the programmers thought her design was scary for little kids and and was considered not candyish-like (as her design looked gloomy), the creators replaced her with Vanellope. However, days before releasing Sugar Rush, her designer was angry himself that they replaced his original character with Vanellope, so he somehow placed Glitchy in the game. One of the programmers got suspicious, but Glitchy's programmer was able to get her in the game and design a kart for her, but he forgot to mark her as a racer. Because of not being marked as a racer, the game registered her unfinished and then was considered a glitch. Surprisingly, due to her name and what she is, she can glitch. But even to this day, Glitchy strives to become a real racer.


Glitchy has messy hot pink hair, covered with candy skulls candies and other candy. Her hair is held up with a black and white ribbon that makes it look like a tie, somewhat. Her skin color is brown and has freckles on her face and shoulders. She has heterochromic eyes, one being pink and the other being teal. She wears a teal shirt with a black ribbon on it, and teal converses that match the color of her shirt. Glitchy wears a black skirt that's pretty much ripped up. And finally, she wears tights that are identical to Vanellope's, but they are black and white instead with double stripes on both tights.


Glitchy has a razor sharp personality, full of insults and sarcastic remarks. She loves seeing people suffer, but believes only the bad people should suffer because "they did that to themselves." However, whenever she is with her friends (like the recolors), she is not as rude as she is, and actually shows compassion towards them. Her mean personality is also a way of her to show that she cares about you because she is not used to showing compassion as a way to show her support for her friends. Recently, Glitchy has been more nicer; however she remains sassy, mean, and occasionally sarcastic. 

Glitchy tends to do actions without thinking, making her impulsive. She has a marked lack of self-restraint that often led her into trouble, causing both her friends and sister to worry over her. Her limited self-control extended to her temper, and as a result it was short at best and murderous at the very worst. When sufficiently provoked, her anger could drive her into a frenzy, accompanied by horrific levels of violence. Glitchy also had the habit of thinking with her heart rather than her head, therefore proving her impulsivity.



Raspistine is Glitchy's love interest. At first, Glitchy did not respect Raspistine. She may have not thought of Raspistine as an enemy at first. One day, Glitchy and Raspistine spent a day together, as a friend-like date. Soon, Glitchy realized that Raspistine wasn't as bad as Glitchy might have thought she was. Even though Glitchy does have feelings for Raspistine, Glitchy does not want to get into a further relationship yet. She doesn't feel ready, but Raspistine was ready to wait for the time to come. However, Glitchy feels like she can trust Raspistine with all her guts.


Scrappy is Glitchy's little sister in the The Sugar Sisters And Sour Brothers project. At first, Glitchy was surprised to see that she had a little sister, but quickly coped with it. Even though Glitchy doesn't really show it, but she loves Scrappy a lot and would do anything to not see Scrappy in trouble.


Vanellope's and Glitchy's relationship is rather complicated. Glitchy despises (secretly admires, but she won't admit it) Vanellope, thinking that she, Glitchy, should have been the true ruler of Sugar Rush. Vanellope hasn't stated much about her relationship with Glitchy. But their backstories are much alike (Vanellope being a glitch because of being mind warped as well, and Glitchy being rendered "unfinished" and nobody really knowing her whereabouts).

The Recolors (mostly Nougetsia, Citrusella, Sticky, and Torvald)

Glitchy usually gets along with all the recolors. Mainly because Glitchy is also considered an outcast. The four recolors know the pain that Glitchy is going through.


Rain and Glitchy met each other in Game Central Station, while feeling lonely, they became both friends as soon as they seen each other, they sometimes have picnics in Diet Cola Mountain and Zombie-Mountain. Rain is also a glitch too and President Betsy Zombie's first ever design, but when Rain turned out to be Betsy's royal best friend, Rain fears her and Glitchy will stop being friends, but Glitchy still is friends with Rain no matter what she is.

Confectionery Queenz (Melissa, Fluffy, Melody and Neophina)

Glitchy likes them and is friendly with, as they helped find Raspistine and Glitchy's little sister Scrappy.

ask if you want your OC to be friends with Glitchy o3o


  • "I'm more than just a glitch..."
  • "It's Glitchy to you!"
  • "Trusting someone isn't easy. You will have your moments that you might get burned, and you may be right."


  • The reason she was a concept design of Vanellope is because some of Vanellope's concepts depict her with red hair. Of course, Glitchy's creator Jake was inspired and this is how Glitchy came to be.
  • Glitchy has a kart, but cannot race because even though Vanellope became the rightful ruler again, "glitches are still not allowed to race."
  • Sometimes she has a hard time getting along with people, so if your OC wants to be friends with Glitchy, it'll take a while for her to trust anyone.
  • Glitchy is much like Raven from Teen Titans, if you think about it.
  • According to The Life of a Glitch, before being removed from the game, she actually had a different name. But once the creator tried to get her back in the game, he had forgotten what Glitchy's original name was. So, he came up with the idea "Glitchy van Fauxacrid" so it'd be somewhat similar to the main character's name "Vanellope von Schweetz."
    • The said fanfic also will reveal more of her backstory.
  • Glitchy's relationship with Raspistine was inspired by the Eddsworld lesbian couple Kim and Katya.
  • Glitchy has been redesigned twice, and had her last name changed to "Fauxacrid" on May 25, 2017.


Glitchy's design and character is created by Jake. I don't mind if you use her in fanfictions (as long as you tell me), or anything. But I DO mind if you steal her and claim her as yours. Please don't steal Glitchy, that is all I ask.



Old Design

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Wreck-It Ralph Fanon Wiki Awards 2014 Nominated (Runner Up for Best Female Character)
Bratzy Winter Awards 2014-2015 Nominated (3rd Place for Best Fanon Charcter Relationship)

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