Global Detective Force (formerly known as The Grip Force) are the group of elite cybernoid detectives from around the world. They met Vanellope in Sugar Rush.

After the death of Detective Grip, Shaft takes place as a leader of the group and the title renamed into Global Detective Force. After Grip resurrected as Grip Mk-II, he retires himself and no longer as a part of the group.

Their main enemy are the hidden criminal organization known as The Vanguards of Crime.

Notable Members

  • Shaft - USA (Main weapon: Grapple Gun)
  • Katz - South Korea (Main weapon: Lethal Fragrance Spray)
  • Sleeks - France (Main weapon: Sleeking Quarterstaff)
  • Ironhand - United Kingdom (Main weapon: Metal Fist of Loyalty)
  • Blitz - Russia (Main weapon: Ice Blaster)
  • Flare - Taiwan (Main weapon: Blazing Nightsticks)
  • Maple - Canada (Main weapon: Lethal Bow)
  • Fritz - Germany (Main weapon: Electric Taser and Electric Combat Pack) (as a replacement for Kaiser)
  • Fiatz - Italy (Main weapon: Lightforce Gun)
  • Hao - China (Main weapon: Advanced Blazing Nightsticks and Arresting Nunchucks)
  • Grip - USA (Main weapon: Heavy Grapple Gun) (former captain who is now a chief)
  • P Magnum - Unknown (former chief then turns traitor and he executed.)
  • Holt - USA (former chief, deceased)
  • Snipes - Ukraine (former member who turns traitor, deceased)
  • Kaiser Von Krause - Germany (former member who turns traitor)


  • The name Global Detective Force is obviously a pun of Earth Defense Force, a series of video game.
  • Sleeks, Katz and Fiatz are the only female detectives in this group.
  • All of the cybernoids from this group are updated and more detailed in Wrecking Heroes with the exception of Shaft, Echo, Katz, Sleeks and Grip.
  • Echo, Katz, Blitz, Fritz, Fiatz and Hao are the only detective cybernoids in this group that has a siren on his/her helmet.


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