Gloomina Princess

Gloomina when life was good.

Gloomina Frostbutton is a fanon made by Harpstring.

Gloomina is Vanellope's recolour. Or technically, Vanellope is her recolour. Back when Sugar Rush was still in development, they created and coded a character supposed to be the princess, until she was scrapped. They tried to delete her code but failed and made an error. Now she is a virus. But they made Vanellope princess, and just changed the colours. This has scarred her with an ever burning jealousy that she should be on the throne.


Gloomina has light blue hair with darker hues of blue at the tips. She wears a blue and purple dress with a purple-ish crown and a her hair pulled back in a bun. She also sports a blue staff with a small crown on it.


  • Since she is a virus, it is impossible for her to be on the throne.
  • She was originally supposed to look much more evil and plagued, but the idea was scrapped.
  • She represents Hershey Kisses


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