Gobletta Jawcrack is a Fanon Sugar Rush and Sweet Treat Racing

by RICHARD8bit

Racer created by Sugarrushfan2.

Gobletta Jawbrack is an girl that's excitable and likes to party.Her candy theme are jawbreakers and gobstoppers.Her kart signature is the Gobrocket.


Gobletta likes to party and play.She doesn't has to much control about the kart,but she's very fast.She and Vanellope are good friends,and she's very sociable,but she and Gloyd are frenemies . Many racers don't know why they hate each other.Say,the rumors,that,when they were in the kindergarten , Gloyd  made a prank with Gobletta,in the Photo Day,throwing a bucket of spoiled taffy in her hair , but they are still friends.

She won more than 5 trophies.3 are gold,1 is silver and 1 is bronze.Her family is protective,but Gobletta likes to live the life with adventures.



  •  She is created and belongs to Sugarrushfan2 but Toffieta123 created the page and added the information.
  • Her design is by RICHARD8bit.
  • Gobletta was originally a Snowanna recolour but was later changed for unknown reasons.

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