Gooella Wipplesnit
Some attributes
First Female
Second Citizen of Sugar Rush
Third Nice
Other attributes
Fourth Sassyness: 70%
Fifth Fabulousness: 100%
Sixth Heart: 100%

Gooella Wipplesnit is Sticky Wipplesnit's mother that came as an exstension pack not a while ago. She runs the Crème de la Crème store in Sugar Rush.


Despite her upper appearance Gooella is kind,sociable and a hard working mother. She always has some time for Sticky or any other racers and sees them all as her children.


  • Depsite the fact that her daughter is a recolor,Gooella has an original desing.
  • Like Gene,Gooella has a habit of drinking. If she is not taking care of her daughter you may find her at Tappers or in Niceland.
  • Gooella was programmed to be a single mom. Because of this Gooella will flirt with a lot of guys in Game Central Station.
  • She is 29
  • She likes calling everybody around her darling. Many think this is a bug in her programming,it’s just a bad habit really.
  • She is a fashionista. She was actually programmed to be one as she runs the Crème de la crème store in Sugar Rush. The Crème de la crème store is actually a part of a mini-game that let’s you create your own racer and pick his/hers clothing and once your done Gooella will state her opinion on the racer.
  • She’s a fan of Jazz.
  • Gooella is actually a smoker. She however smokes candy cigarettes only. This was dropped when the upgrade got to America but after having a handshake with Vanellope that caused her to glitch, a little a part of her code that was Japanese activated itself by accidnet.
  • She has her own recolor called Cara Batterbutter.
  • Her name was thought by MrHaliboot


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