Hage McChips

Hage's current design

Hage McChips is a Fanon Character. He is a racer in the game Sugar Rush: New GenerationHis theme is Salt Chips.

Character Bio

Hage is a cool, discrete, and nice guy. Hage's personlity is pretty alike Swizzle Marlakey, but Hage is even more discrete. 

He always ends a race in the highest places, which means he is a great racer, and has some very good stats.

Hage is nice to everyone, expect Strawbetty and Apozzer. He always tries to avoid the bullies.


Hage's design and creation, was made by Wreck-ItEve105. He was later adopted by Kactis-Hug.



  • He has a chip at the top of his hat, that also resembles his theme.
  • He seems to be the only racer to wear jeans.
  • He, along with SnugglezMarkFrancis and Chris the only male racers in Sugar Rush: New Generation.
  • He is a contestant on Total Wreck Island. He placed 29th overall.

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