Hail Cyber

"Freeze or Death!"

Hail Cyber is a minor antagonist in Wrecking Show!. He is Glacier Cyber's friend who turned arch-enemy. He serves under the Death Baron's rule. Also he's one of the members of Rogue ELEMENT 6.

He never appears in Wrecking Heroes, but his son takes place.


Hail Cyber: ' 'The Icy lone wolf of the dark side" 

Hail Cyber is one of the agents who serves under the Death Baron's rule. Before he turned evil, he was a friend of Glacier Cyber then suddenly he became jealous to him. He is sneaks to his friend then he enters his home and destroy his parents. After the incident, he met Beta Vanellope for an evil plan to freeze the arcade's mainframe.


  • Is possible that he was a friend of Glacier Cyber.
  • His weapon called an "Ice Wolf Shard staff" is similar to the weapon accessory from the Ice Wolf Ninja Costume.
  • His main goal is to freeze the arcade's mainframe that causes all the arcade games freeze and hang up, but he fails and escaped.
  • According to Glacier Cyber, his powers was gaven by Elsa accidentally, but he used it for evilness instead of protecting others.
  • He has a son named "Hail Cyber Jr."


  • "Bwahahaha! You'll freeze to death"
  • "Aha you got me, but I am gonna freeze you"

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