"Sunny side up!"
Harry Bo
Some attributes
First Harry Bo
Second Haribo
Third "Cokart"
Other attributes
Fourth Colourful,friendly, show-off
 Harry Bo is a new racer from the game Sugar rush. He came with an extension pack to the game which included 9 new racers, and he, along with Flosstia , is one of the popular kids and is a very skilled racer. He is based on Haribo sweets, his fans are haribo sweets and he drives a kart called the "Cokart".


"Harry is the kind of guy who never gives up on you, no matter how tough the situation. He's as bright and colourful as a rainbow, and he's not afraid to show it off with his stylish accessories! Everyone recognises the flashing colours of his Cokart on the racetrack, he just loves the attention!"


Harry is a slim boy with peach coloured skin and green eyes. He wears a sunny side up Haribo egg as a hat and has black, messy hair. Harry's most unique feature is that he wears a lot of accesories, such as a haribo dummy scarf, haribo ring wristbands and haribo ring socks. He also wears a ring on his left hand which he considers to be good luck for him. He wears a white t-shirt with a rainbow coloured "H" on it, with a browinsh-yellow jacket with brown and white streaks. Harry wears rainbow coloured pants and brown boots (which were originally brown, yellow and white in his original design). Harry's signiture pose is a wink and a thumbs up to the player.

Role in the game

When the new racers were added to the game, Harry was very friendly and approachable to the other racers, despite Flosstia being rude and intimidating. He saw good in the other racers, so he tried to make friends with them to boost his popularity. However, when it came to racing, Harry couldn't help but be a little boastful and he loved to show off his skills to the crowd and the other racers. Because of this, he often forgot that there were other racers too and he eventually learned that it's important to be modest with victory, but also to be understanding in defeat. Harry is good friends with everyone in the game, but he is often seen withFlosstia , Smartiepants and Fizzabella .


Harry's kart, the "Cokart", is a Haribo cola bottle with wheels made of Haribo eggs. The spoiler and front bumber are rainbow coloured, like Harry's pants, and there are six small exhaust pipes at the back of the kart. There is also a Haribo dummy around the seat compartment where Harry sits. The Cokart is very good with speed but is even better in handling, meaning Harry rarely falls off the track or runs into obstacles. "Cokart" is a cross between the words "kart" and "coke", as the kart itself is a Haribo coke bottle.


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