Heros duty mainscreen

Hero's Duty is one of the video games Ralph enters in order to prove that he's more than a "bad guy". In this light-gun based first-person shooter game, Ralph helps Sergeant Calhoun and her groups of soldiers battle against Cy-Bugs, the game's alien invaders. The game closely resembles Metroid with some Call of Duty: Black Ops elements in its storyline, although not its format (the original Metroid was a platformer , though the later Metroid Prime prequels were first-person shooters).

The NPC's of the game (non-player characters), such as the characters being saved in Fix-It Felix Jr., help alongside the player to help them get to the top of the tower, where they're to defeat a large group of Cy-Bug babies, to which they, in return, earn a gold medal with the words "Hero" carved in and are congratulated by General Hologram. This is the first game Ralph visits on his quest to being a good guy, with the second being in Sugar Rush.


The following are codes for the browser-based version of the game.

271086 or VANELLOPE -gives three-time use adrenaline rush

204304 or FELIX -gives three-time use invincibility

035913 or KING CANDY -gives three-time use stun all enemies

125668 or TAFFYTA -gives three-time use 100% health

306768 or RALPH -gives three-time use Ralph as teammate

876907 -gives three-time use Sergent Calhoun as teammate


  • Hero's Duty is also seen in Wreck-It Ralph, Wreck-It Ralph 2 and Hero's Duty: Black Ops.
  • The way a Cy-bug gets a specal power from what it eats is similar to Kirby's copy abilities.
  • The "Medal of Heroes" is a reference to the Medal of Honor game series.