Hero's Duty-Black Ops

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A five team secret speacial forces group led by Sgt James heads under the Cy-Bug tower in order to find a bigger threat than what swarms on the surface. They come from a helo drop from behind the tower to hack through the bacn underground entrance to enter the caverns of the Cy-bug hive.  This team is made of different indiviauls with unique special abilities of war and infiltration. Each member has a backstory that affects the mission outcome.


Intel has reported that a secret underground experiment is the source of the Cy-bug swarm. It controls the entire swarm and continues to create even more Cy-bugs as well as evolves them to new types of Cy-bugs. Mantis, scorpions, and mosquitoes species, but these were the only types recorded.

Intel believes that a Queen Cy-bug may be the source of these new Cy-bugs.

The objective is to infiltrate the back entrance caves, close off all openings to the surface, eliminate any Cy-bugs, and destroy the Cy-bug Queen.


  • Sgt James: Leader, combat specialist


  • Queen Cy-bug:
  • Drone Cy-bug
  • Mantis Cy-bug
  • Scorpion Cy-Bug
  • Hornet Cy-bug
  • Centipede Cy-bug
  • Tick Cy-bug
  • Spider Cy-bug
  • Ant Cy-bug
  • Termite Cy-bug
  • Earwig Cy-bug
  • Moth Cy-bug