ho ho is have bunny rabbit and have human he is kinda like an easter bunny costume but whithout the creepy he has a pink stomic and he is all white

likes and dislikes

ho ho likes carrots and little kids thats why he is such good friends with vanellope and honey and the other sugar rush racers he loves his job and to hang out at tappers


vanellope:ho ho has a stronge realcionship with vanellope when ever she needs help or shes in trouble he allways leaves a dust clound

honey&the sugar rush racer:ho ho loves children thats why honey and the sugar rush racers relactionship is as stronge as vanellope

calhoun:calhoun is annoyed by ho ho because how dumb he is but he is still one of her best friends infact he fills safer around her

felix:felix is one of ho ho's best friends ho ho can allways count on felix to be honest thats why he allways ask him if somethings true

wreck it ralph:ho ho has a stronge relaction ship with ralph like he does with everyone else because ralph is the only bad guy he knew that was good he ever met

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